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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just Another Day

Mike Lombardo (TMA co-founder) wrote a new song, and made a great YouTube collab with other TMA members like Jason Morris, Raven Zoe & more. You might also see a very good looking blogger a couple times if you look close.

Stupidest News Stories Of 2009
Hank Green teamed up with 2 of my favorite YouTubers (Rhett & Link) for this year in review song.

I Feel Fantastic - ASL
I've been waiting for Stephen Torrence to cover this Jonathan Coulton song for awhile now.

All Of My Loving
I'm betting this Valley Lodge music video was awkward to shoot...

I Love Lucy Rhyme
Kelly Rose raps about some classic television.

I Don't Care Who You Are
This RAED character is competing for the title of worst rapper ever.

All You Need Is Love
156 countries singing together...I just wish some of them sang a little better.

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