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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Best Graduation Band

I would have killed to have these guys at my graduation....oh wait....I didn't go to graduation....crap they might have been there.

Less Edits
MysteryGuitarMan normally makes videos that include 100's of clips, this one only has a couple.

Crush On i-Justine
I think half the internet has a crush on i-Justine.

Two Thousand And Nine Rap-Up: The Year Of WTF
I missed this seaniemic video, but better late then never.

Eric The Squid Spinner
I can safely say this is the best song about a squid spinner that I've ever heard.

Hot Dog Time!
Here's the latest song from Parry Gripp.

The 2010 Rap
thecomputernerd01 shows why he doesn't have a record deal.

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