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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Oceanic Six

Good Morning Charlie (featuring Kristina Horner)
Today I'm featuring 4 videos from the band "The Oceanic Six". If you like the show "Lost", you will probably enjoy their music. They just released an album on DFTBA records, for more info click HERE.

Invisible Others


Mr. Eko

Kollaboration Charity
That's enough of "The Oceanic Six" for today, but this is a cool video promoting CPAF (the Center for the Pacific Asian Family). It features Kollaboration performers Alex Hwang, Paul Jisung Kim, Jinah Kim, Gerald Ko, Megan Lee, Clara Chung, Will Volume, Jane Lui & Jazmin.

Pants On The Ground Remix
This isn't as good as the DeStorm remix I posted yesterday, but it's still pretty good. This is from David Choi.

Playing For Change
YT video description - "Lean On Me" as performed by campers and volunteers at the Anaheim YMCA at Camp Fox on Catalina Island, California...

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