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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rapping Flight Attendant Part 2

Unfortunately in this 'sequel' the camera operator doesn't have the flight attendant in view for most of the video. It's definately still worth watching.

LOST - Answers?!
The Fine Brothers teamed up with Rhett & Link to make this parody. I'm going to be extremely disappointed if I don't get some good answers in this up coming season.

Root Beer Mozart
The Mystery Guitar Man must spend all day editing, because recently he's been coming out with a lot of content.

Still Alive
Spiff decided to make a Jonathan Coulton version of his latest video.

Pants On The Ground (Remix)
I really don't like "American Idol", but I think it's funny that Larry Platts could end up more famous then some past winners of the show.

Pants On The Ground (Lip Sync)
YouTuber 'nicholifavs' does his thing with this 'nhbfilms' remix of Larry Platts.

Brendan Fraser Clap Remix
I don't understand how you can mess something up as simple as a hand clap?

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