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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Skynet Symphonic

Spintown News:
If you like OK Go, you should check out their newest music video "This Too Shall Pass".

Skynet Symphonic
After watching this I get even more mad about how much T4 sucked.

My Favorite Thing
This is from a musical that Brent Black wrote called "Shades Of Gray".

Wu Tang Mixtape
I don't like the Wu Tang Clan, but I love Eclectic Method.

The Midnight Beast
I thought this was a pretty funny "Tik Tok" parody.

Balloon Bass + Green Big Muff
I figured there would be a trend of these videos awhile back when I saw the first one.

Love Lockdown
nicholifavs & 2 must get together for a video...

If France Made Star Wars
Wow, it's worse then episode 1.

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