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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Whatcha Say (Tiger Woods spoof)

This guy deserves all the bad press he slime ball.

All In Awe
I dug this music video by Rey Fresco.

I'm On A Mac
I'm a total PC guy, but it's a funny video featuring PC-Pain.

Internet Stalk
Here's the latest parody from Kevin Lien.

K-Pop Mega Mashup 2009
I blame Sasha Young for getting me hooked on this stuff.

Summer Nights
I don't know why Eva Longoria & Toni Parker are remaking this clip from Grease, but I thought it was blogworthy.

From Home To Hollywood
"I strapped (ok taped) my camera to my steering wheel to capture my daily drive to work through the majesty of time-lapse. This was my commute for the past 3 years, but we moved offices recently so I wanted to archive the road that literally took me from being a freelance animator to a director." - Dustin McLean

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