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Thursday, February 25, 2010


This first video isn't a music video, but it's what the next 3 videos are about. So I thought I should share this first, even though I'm sure 95% of you have seen it already. HERE's some more video taken right after the fight.

Black Betty With Epic Beard Man
It's amazing to me that even Amber Lamps is now "Internet Famous" because of the video.

Hardcore Techno Remix
Tom Slick is a cool name for an internet star.

Tom Slick Interview & Parody Song
HERE's another interview if you're interested. It's funny as hell that Tom turned out to be on drugs.

I wonder when Mystery Guitar Man will run out of ideas?

I Am Like A Robot
DeStorm is now a 1 man band.

Fuck You, Day
Jonathan Mann (TMA member) uploaded this on a day in which it was easy for me to relate to.

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