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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Amazing Aliens Rap

(You may notice a bit of a theme with today's post. All these videos & songs have to do with television, movies or videogames. I didn't plan it, but it sort of worked out that way.)

I've liked all these rap recaps, they just seem to get better & better.

Epic Super Mario Land Rap
You see plenty of "Super Mario World" covers & songs, but not too many "Super Mario Land" songs.

Violin Hero
When "Accordion Hero" comes out...I'll consider buying it.

Captain Planet Theme
I could easily fall in love with a girl who likes 80's & 90's cartoon theme songs. Who's your hero? Kelly Rose is today.

Final Fantasy VI With BEERICS
This is what happens when Brent writes lyrics while drinking.

Link Mann
If you want videogame music you go to Brent Black or Jonathan Mann. Today you get both.

Marcia Call Me!
YouTuber 'brusspup' isn't the only one that had a crush on Marcia Brady.

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