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Sunday, February 7, 2010


MysteryGuitarMan even finds a creative way to do something simple like lip syncing....however Dustin McLean did this long before Joe got around to it. The song is "Lip Syncing To The Song" by Billy Reid.

MysteryGuitarMan Love Song
DxDutch has a bit of a crush on Joe.

Enter The Ninja
WTF was that in this Die Antwoord music video?

Tiffany Jo Allen not only covers this Lady Gaga song, but made an entire music video for it.

I Got Milk
daveyboyz made a parody of "Drop The World" by Lil Wayne.

Blacker Than Obama
Obama vs Blagojevich duel in a rap battle to see who's blacker.

Evening Falls
I thought Holly Kirby picked the perfect song for her voice with this Enya cover.

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