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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tight Pants / Body Rolls

Leslie Hall was one of the first people to be "Internet Famous". It's unfortunate that she doesn't have a huge following now, because she still makes awesome videos.

Super Bowlin'
Who you got: Colts or Saints? I'm pulling for the Colts.

Epic Pong Dunks
I don't like posting fail montages...unless they're my own. So the fact that I'm posting this one should tell you it's fairly good.

Bad Apple
I just thought this was a cool stop motion video. I don't even know the band or anything.

Christ TV Gets Fresh Princed....Again
It amazes me that people fall for this over & over again...

Snow On The Ground
These guys shouldn't be allowed to work on live TV. I feel bad for them it's so awkward...

This is apparently a remix, but why on Earth would anyone want to remix something that is so bad? I don't care what you do, there's no way to make this good.

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