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Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Are The World 2010

This video is being posted first becuase of it being an EPIC disappointment. If you can get the greatest singers in the world together for a giant collaboration why the hell do they need auto tuning. You would think they could get enough people who can actually SING. There were some good things, but overall extremely disappointing. They of course included old clips of Michael Jackson from the original, and Janet was also included. Tony Bennett was the hightlight for me, and even though I'm not really big fans it was nice to see Celine Dion & Barbara Streisand involved. Josh Groban, Usher, LL Cool J & others were cool to see, but a lack of REAL singers made this video a flop.

The Midnight Beast uploaded a new music video...I'm a dance floor ninja now...

Redemption Song
DeStorm created an entertaining Bob Marley tribute.

Beaker's Ballad
I'm always ready to watch a new Muppets video.

Cut It Out
Remember when people used to watch TGIF? Probably the last time there was family friendly programming in prime time.

Shane Lee Remix
Luke Conard made Shane entertaining...not an easy task.

Sam Tsui, Sam Tsui, Sam Tsui, Sam Tsui & Sam Tsui....sing an Owl City cover.

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