Cool music videos I found surfing through the intersupertubes.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Galactic Empire State Of Mind

It's amazing the staying power of things like Star Wars in the geek culture. I wonder if 30 years from now people will still be doing rap parodies like this.

World Of Warcraft Ruined My Life
This is a pretty cool music video from ALL CAPS.

We Are The World
This japanese parody is better then the real's almost better then the original.

How Music Works
Not a very complex video, but pretty cool nontheless.

iPod Drumming
Vadrum experimenting with his iPod & Metallica's "Fuel".

Say Ahh
Jason Chen, CP & Scott Yoshimoto get together for this cover & music video.

Opposite Of Adults
I thought this was a funny music video.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chat Roulette Improv #2

Are you sick of the Chat Roulette videos yet? Well there seems to be no end in site of parodies, improv sessions & original songs involving the site. Today we have a sequel to the video that started the improv fad.

Chat Roulette Acoustic Improv #1
Like Merton in the previous video, Chase is trying his hand at Chat Roulette improv.

In The Land Of Chatroulette
Jonathan Mann wrote this original song about the site.

This is a pretty good Lady Gaga cover.

Telephone lyrics DISSECTED
Alex Day explains why this song is nonsense.

I'm Not Singing A Song
DeStorm answering a challenge he was issued.

In the Jungle
Moymoy Palaboy has a special guest in this lip sync video.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chat Roulette Lady Gaga Guy

I wonder how many hours this guy had to dance around to make this video.

Enter The Sandman (Smooth Jazz Version)
I like this version better then the original.

Epic "Forever" Remix
Ahmir, Traphik, DymeaDuzin, Dumbfoundead, PrinceEa & DPryde get together for an awesome cover.

Chatroulette Song
Jon Lajoie is the latest person to write a song about Chatroulette.

Sleepy Mustache Man
Here's another Chatroulette improv session from Jonathan Mann.

Sexy ABC's And 123's
DeStorm answering yet another fan challenge.

I'm Not Dreaming
Someone made a music video for this Josh Woodward song.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lez Be Friends

This is the latest music video from The Midnight Beast.

Zach and Cloe
Jonathan Mann tries his hand at Chatroulette improv. The raw audio was produced a little in "Record" before the video was posted.

A tribute To Alf
This video is about The Zimmers. I would really like to interview Peter, the most famous of The Zimmers.

Hey Bro Do I Roll With The P.H.A.T. Bitches In My Posse?
The Sap & Ponceman uploaded a new music video yesterday.

Street Lights
Here's the latest short from The Mystery Guitar Man.

Comforting Dog
This dog sings to a crying baby to make him stop crying.

Love Story (ASL)
Here's another cover from Ally.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

China Girl: Literal Video Version

Dustin McLean uploaded his 6th Literal Video yesterday. Dustin is the person who started this trend, and you can see my interview with him HERE.

Hank Hill has musical talent? After watching every episode of King Of The Hill I never picked up on it.

If you can stand the annoying opening, the rest of this Tudu video is funny.

Alcoholic Slide
Unfortunately this video reminds me of a number of people.

The Future Soon (ASL)
Stephen Torrence covering a Jonathan Coulton song live in Tulsa.

Tik Tok (ASL)
Ally is apparently the person who inspired Stephen to start making ASL covers.

Song A Day #446: Aflac
Jonathan Mann (TMA member) made this video for a contest, and you can vote for him HERE.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lux Aurumque

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir is pretty darn amazing.

Ben Folds Does Chatroulette
Ben Folds is jumping on the improve/chatroulette bandwagon.

Hangin' With My White Friends
I hang with my white friends every week.

Still Alive (ASL)
Here's another video from Stephen Torrence's live show he performed in Tulsa.

She's Just A Baby: Cradle Robber
Kevin Lien, Jason Chen & Frank Hwang recently made a Justin Bieber parody.

Dr. Noise uploaded a new music video.

Game Over
A nerdy music video that gamers should appreciate.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Nightmare Before St. Patrick's Day

This is I want a real sequel to "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

My Mom's On Facebook: A Power Ballad
I would really hate it if my mom joined Twitter...I couldn't care less about Facebook.

Cool Party Truck
I'd rather have that truck then a Viper.

7 Things I Hate About You
Stephen Torrence (TMA member) recently performed a couple of his ASL covers live.

Epic Snowboard Crash Compilation
I did not make this one, but it's one of the best ownage montages I've ever seen. It has a theme, EPIC wipeouts, high quality videos, no watermarks & they left the crash noises in. The one negative is the music. It's so loud that it covers up the impact sounds & screams of pain. It's very typical of most montage videos, but it's a small flaw considering how great the rest of it is.

I Feel Better
This music video will make you say, "WTF" if you give it enough time....I promise.

Good Life
Paul Dateh & Ken Belcher released a new music video yesterday.

Chat Roulette Piano

This is the best Chat Roulette video I've seen yet.

Bun In The Oven
I was disgusted, but laughing my ass off the entire time I watched this.

Live Music Prank
Greg Benson is one of the funniest guys on YouTube.

3 Guys 1 Tractor
I guess the drummer couldn't make it that day.

Come Back
AHMIR just uploaded a new music video.

Dear Diary
The Parselmouths uploaded this music video a couple days ago.

Night Riders
Dumbfoundead finally got around to finishing this music video yesterday.

Monday, March 15, 2010


The Lonely Island uploaded this video Saturday night.

Brad Paisley Falling
This might be the best wipe out I've seen a celeb make while performing live.

Queen Yuna
James Yang was so inspired by the Winter Olympics that he wrote a song, and had his friend Justen Blackstone sing it.

(Rock the) Belz
I said WTF a couple times while watching this.

MJ Lives!
Well...not really, but this is pretty cool.

I'm Awesome
Spose ripped me off....I've been singing this song in my head for years...

Amir Is A lot Of Man
I'm a Jake & Amir fan, so I look for reasons to feature their videos. This is music related though.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goat Bag Pipe

This is disgusting...but I still lol'ed at it.

Car Jacker Fail
The Mystery Guitar Man wouldn't make a good criminal.

A Smelly Ass Song
DeStorm giving his own take on a YouTube song that went viral last year.

When Mandark Came To Stay
Faireset playing with some new special effects...

Best Indian Music Video Ever Buffalaxed
I don't know if it's the best, but it's definately funny.

Lego Superman Theme Song
I thought this was a great idea for Forrest to turn into a LEGO video.

Meet Paulie Frosty
I don't think Paul Telner will make it as the next white rapper.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

LOST: Baywatch Style

This is a perfect spoof...

This is the latest insane video from cyriak.

Numa Numa Buffalaxed
I don't think I've ever seen the original music video to this.

I'm On A Boat
I hate death metal, but this is kinda funny.

Literal Instruments
It seems like I post 2 or 3 of Mystery Guitar Man's videos every week.

I Be Missing You
Reh Dogg made a new music video.

Professor Tackles Interrupting Chicken
I would have laughed at first, but after the guy wouldn't leave....yeah....I probably would have kicked his ass.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Entrepreneur State Of Mind

Grasshopper put together a funny Jay-Z & Alicia Keys spoof.

Fully Sick Rapper (Christian Van Vuuren) is back with yet another rap about his unfortunate set of circumstances.

I'm On Chat Roulette
This is the 3rd music video about Chat Roulette that I've posted in the last week.

Come Back & Stay
This music video made me laugh.

The Cake Is NOT A Lie
Hear that Edric? You better have cake at your next live show. *TMA inside joke*

Party In the U.S.A. (The "Lost" Version)
"Lost" has been so disappointing the last couple seasons...there better be one heck of a payoff at the end.

Apple Store Love Song
nicholifavs picked the perfect song to lip sync at the Apple Store.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bed Rock Parody

I hate the Young Money song this spoofs, but the spoof itself ain't bad.

DJ Ruth Flowers
She's 69 years old, and she spins at the most prestigious nightclubs in Paris.

Annoying Orange Gets Autotuned
Which is worse Annoying Orange or autotuning? I vote autotuning...

Plan B: Charmaine
Yesterday I posted a video in which Kevin Jumba made fun of song Alex Day makes fun of some.

So Long
Time to show Reh Dogg a little love by featuring his newest video.

Kiss 'n' Tell
Supermac18 & Jennxpenn made a video for this Ke$ha song.

Doin' Your MOm
nicholifavs lips syncing to a Fatty Spin's song at the Apple Store.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

"A Goofy Movie" IRL Opening

This is by far the coolest video I've seen all week. Mad props for a great idea & awesome execution of it.

Know Your Meme: Phonetic Translations
I attempted to get an interview with the man behind the "Buffalax" videos...maybe it'll work out in the future. He only lives 20 minutes from me.

Looping Around
Not exactly an original idea for a video, but it's very well done by the Mystery Guitar Man.

Let Go
This is a music video for Mia Rose's original song.

Rock-fire Birthday
I found it really interesting to learn a little about the history of this company. I definately have fond memories of going to Show Biz Pizza as a kid. I'm also interested in the history of videogames...there's multiple connections there as well. Aaron is one of the people who sent me an original dance video for my "Internet Dance 2" video.

Ridiculous Lyrics!
Kevin Jumba gives us a few examples of stupid nonsensical lyrics in popular songs.

Jazz Horse
This video isn't really SFW, but it made me laugh.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm Just A Baby

Dave Days & Tay Zonday parody Justin Bieber's "Baby".

Fairytale Spoof
iJustine made a parody of this Taylor Swift song.

Beatbox & Sound Montage
IT IS, WHAT WE THOUGHT IT WAS! +10 points to anyone who gets that reference in the comments section...

In The Hall Of The Mountain king
This guy need more subscribers...

Teen Girl Rap Ho
Lisa Nova made me laugh with this video.

Ponceman Is One Bad Mutha-Foko
I wish these guys would bury the hatchet with Greg Benson, because I want to see more Retarded Policeman.

Red Rain
Nathan Wills liked this song from th3Shift, so he decided to make a collab video.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

United Breaks Guitars 3

"United We Stand" is the last song in this epic trilogy by Dave Carroll.

Improv Chatroulette Singing
This proves that 90% of the people in Chatroulette are just looking for dicks or tits. I mean this guy would make me laugh if I was just randomly put in a chat with him.

The 2-2 Blues
Brent Black turns Mario music into a blues song.

This place reminds me of Middletown...

Glitter In The Air
Dan Finnerty & The Dan Band parody Pink's Grammy performance.

Love Marriage
Wilbur Sargunaraj...I don't know what's more funny....the video or his name.

How Is The World Different? Because Of You
Jonathan Mann's Song A Day #425. Let the betting begin...I think the last "Song A Day" will be #701. What number you got?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wubble Down

A Dr. Seuss had to happen sooner or later.

This Too Shall Pass
The official OK Go video for the recorded version of "This Too Shall Pass" off of the album "Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky". This takes rube goldberg's to a new level.

Pokémon, What Happened To You?
Alex Day singing about a series of games I never really got into.

Jason Chen & Scott Yoshimoto apparently love Pokemon as well. I still don't get it, but I like the theme song.

Whoever invented auto-tune should be horse whipped.

Grace & Michelle parody Lady Gaga & Beyonce.

imadethismistake teamed up with Alan Lastufka for this music video.