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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bed Rock Parody

I hate the Young Money song this spoofs, but the spoof itself ain't bad.

DJ Ruth Flowers
She's 69 years old, and she spins at the most prestigious nightclubs in Paris.

Annoying Orange Gets Autotuned
Which is worse Annoying Orange or autotuning? I vote autotuning...

Plan B: Charmaine
Yesterday I posted a video in which Kevin Jumba made fun of song Alex Day makes fun of some.

So Long
Time to show Reh Dogg a little love by featuring his newest video.

Kiss 'n' Tell
Supermac18 & Jennxpenn made a video for this Ke$ha song.

Doin' Your MOm
nicholifavs lips syncing to a Fatty Spin's song at the Apple Store.

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