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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chat Roulette Improv #2

Are you sick of the Chat Roulette videos yet? Well there seems to be no end in site of parodies, improv sessions & original songs involving the site. Today we have a sequel to the video that started the improv fad.

Chat Roulette Acoustic Improv #1
Like Merton in the previous video, Chase is trying his hand at Chat Roulette improv.

In The Land Of Chatroulette
Jonathan Mann wrote this original song about the site.

This is a pretty good Lady Gaga cover.

Telephone lyrics DISSECTED
Alex Day explains why this song is nonsense.

I'm Not Singing A Song
DeStorm answering a challenge he was issued.

In the Jungle
Moymoy Palaboy has a special guest in this lip sync video.

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