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Thursday, March 25, 2010

China Girl: Literal Video Version

Dustin McLean uploaded his 6th Literal Video yesterday. Dustin is the person who started this trend, and you can see my interview with him HERE.

Hank Hill has musical talent? After watching every episode of King Of The Hill I never picked up on it.

If you can stand the annoying opening, the rest of this Tudu video is funny.

Alcoholic Slide
Unfortunately this video reminds me of a number of people.

The Future Soon (ASL)
Stephen Torrence covering a Jonathan Coulton song live in Tulsa.

Tik Tok (ASL)
Ally is apparently the person who inspired Stephen to start making ASL covers.

Song A Day #446: Aflac
Jonathan Mann (TMA member) made this video for a contest, and you can vote for him HERE.

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