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Saturday, March 6, 2010

"A Goofy Movie" IRL Opening

This is by far the coolest video I've seen all week. Mad props for a great idea & awesome execution of it.

Know Your Meme: Phonetic Translations
I attempted to get an interview with the man behind the "Buffalax" videos...maybe it'll work out in the future. He only lives 20 minutes from me.

Looping Around
Not exactly an original idea for a video, but it's very well done by the Mystery Guitar Man.

Let Go
This is a music video for Mia Rose's original song.

Rock-fire Birthday
I found it really interesting to learn a little about the history of this company. I definately have fond memories of going to Show Biz Pizza as a kid. I'm also interested in the history of videogames...there's multiple connections there as well. Aaron is one of the people who sent me an original dance video for my "Internet Dance 2" video.

Ridiculous Lyrics!
Kevin Jumba gives us a few examples of stupid nonsensical lyrics in popular songs.

Jazz Horse
This video isn't really SFW, but it made me laugh.

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