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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm Just A Baby

Dave Days & Tay Zonday parody Justin Bieber's "Baby".

Fairytale Spoof
iJustine made a parody of this Taylor Swift song.

Beatbox & Sound Montage
IT IS, WHAT WE THOUGHT IT WAS! +10 points to anyone who gets that reference in the comments section...

In The Hall Of The Mountain king
This guy need more subscribers...

Teen Girl Rap Ho
Lisa Nova made me laugh with this video.

Ponceman Is One Bad Mutha-Foko
I wish these guys would bury the hatchet with Greg Benson, because I want to see more Retarded Policeman.

Red Rain
Nathan Wills liked this song from th3Shift, so he decided to make a collab video.

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