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Friday, March 26, 2010

Lez Be Friends

This is the latest music video from The Midnight Beast.

Zach and Cloe
Jonathan Mann tries his hand at Chatroulette improv. The raw audio was produced a little in "Record" before the video was posted.

A tribute To Alf
This video is about The Zimmers. I would really like to interview Peter, the most famous of The Zimmers.

Hey Bro Do I Roll With The P.H.A.T. Bitches In My Posse?
The Sap & Ponceman uploaded a new music video yesterday.

Street Lights
Here's the latest short from The Mystery Guitar Man.

Comforting Dog
This dog sings to a crying baby to make him stop crying.

Love Story (ASL)
Here's another cover from Ally.

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