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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

United Breaks Guitars 3

"United We Stand" is the last song in this epic trilogy by Dave Carroll.

Improv Chatroulette Singing
This proves that 90% of the people in Chatroulette are just looking for dicks or tits. I mean this guy would make me laugh if I was just randomly put in a chat with him.

The 2-2 Blues
Brent Black turns Mario music into a blues song.

This place reminds me of Middletown...

Glitter In The Air
Dan Finnerty & The Dan Band parody Pink's Grammy performance.

Love Marriage
Wilbur Sargunaraj...I don't know what's more funny....the video or his name.

How Is The World Different? Because Of You
Jonathan Mann's Song A Day #425. Let the betting begin...I think the last "Song A Day" will be #701. What number you got?

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