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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Axolotl Song

I love the silly videos from Rathergood.

You Belong With Me (Metal Version)
It's actually not half bad.

Lil' Guildies
Paul And Storm provide the music to this animated video.

Granite State Of Mind
The Super Secret Project deserves way more subscribers then they currently have. Enjoy this Jay-Z parody.

Alex Hinksman wrote a song & made this video for it.

Stand By Me
The Muppets have been active on YouTube recently, but this is not their greatest work.

Still Alive
"The Gifford Children's Choir performs "Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton from the credits of the video game Portal. Soloist is in an el-wire dress. We are hoping to shoot a better video soon. A few choir members had played the game before the concert. The director is a VG addict that fell off the wagon to play Portal. The kids understood the words. The piece was chosen because it is an excellent piece of music with just the right timbre for the choir. You will hear this better on the next video of our concert May 2 at UWParkside." - YouTube video description

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