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Monday, April 19, 2010

Rad Times

"It’s one of those indescribable pieces of video art that the internet was built for. It’s basically a collection of rad things from the 80s, intercut with TV clips, movie clips, and old-school video games, with transitions that video melt into one another like scrambled porn, all set to music. It’s kind of like having an attack of nostalgia in the middle of an LSD flashback, but without the hellish introspection." - FilmDrunk

I Can Hardly Wait
Complicated Universal Cum made the 2nd best music video of the year so far.

Dark Divider
This is a great time-lapse music video.

Verbal Headlock
This is a pretty cool stop motion video by Clutchy Hopkins.

Magical Mysteries
A SNL parody by the 'Thrilla Killa Klownz'.

Hambone 2
The guy has skills, I just wish that he had clothes.

I Will Always Love
I'm sure Dolly Parton was thrilled when "The Bodyguard" came out & Whitney sung this song. I don't think Dolly would be as thrilled with this version.

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