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Thursday, April 22, 2010

When We Say (Juicebox)

AJ Rafael's great song, now has a great music video thanks to the guys over at Wong Fu Productions.

Exercise Ball Pwnage Tribute Song
Ownage videos don't get much better then this. Custom song, video has a theme, they left the impact & scream sounds in...just awesome.

The Casting Duo
Jonathan Mann is trying to get on a TV show on the Bravo network. More information about that is located HERE.

Gotta Buy 'Em All
Pokemon was such a great idea from a marketing perspective.

Metallica Vs. Lady Gaga (Mashup)
"Telephone" & "Enter The Sandman" become one.

Ewok Karaoke
Did we really need another reason to hate Ewoks?

Drop The World
I really should interview a rapper for my series. That's something I haven't got around to....I'll put Mars on the short list if he's interested.

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