Cool music videos I found surfing through the intersupertubes.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Tron Legacy LITERAL Trailer

I thought this was awesome, and you can watch my interview with the man who started the "LITERAL" trend HERE.

Picture Song
Nice Peter is insanely funny.

Doggy Summer
If this doesn't make you smile a're dead on the inside.

Rapping Weatherman
It was bad, but it was still more entertaining then most weathermen.

All I Do Is Lose
Alphacat uploaded a cool Ludacris parody a few days ago.

Apparently Lena is the winner of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. Personally I never follow the contest, but a friend of mine mentioned it yesterday so I figured I'd look to see who won.

Tik Tok
Erin Paula threw this Ke$ha cover/video together real quick a few days back. Is it just me, or does anyone else want to vomit every time you spell "Ke$ha" with a dollar sign? The girl annoys me & I know nothing about her besides the stupid spelling of her name. :p

Friday, May 28, 2010

This Ain't A Love Song (This Is A Like Song)

What most guys are really feeling in their relationships.

I'm Awesome
As done by nerds. These guys rock.

This Aint Glee XXX
I might watch "Glee" if it went more in this direction.

iPhone Looper App Jam
You don't have to be able to understand him to enjoy this.

Fast Eddie The DJ
I didn't post the original video that went viral, but I enjoyed this remix. You can watch the orginal "Worst Wedding DJ EVER!" & read about the DJ's reaction to his web fame by clicking HERE.

Friends For Never
The Midnight Beast are always good for a laugh.

Diamonds In My Poo
Sometimes I like to post weird stuff.... :p

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fatal Attraction: The Musical

I think this is more entertaining then any movie Glenn Close has ever been in.

Part Of Your Drinking World
Good thing I never had the urge to go someplace like that.

It's On
I loved this song & video by Dumbfoundead & Wax.

As long as the song isn't really bad, getting stuck on replay isn't the worst thing. If it's Lady Gaga, now that's bad.

Hi, I'm A Marvel...And I'm A DC: The Musical
After watching these videos I always feel like breaking out my action figures.

Classic Gaming Wiz
Keith Apicary...any time you got the guts to race me on Mario Kart DS...I'm ready.

Dancing Queen (Metal Version)
Gotta love Andy Rehfeldt.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Come To The USA

Ray Stevens is still alive...and still on the ball.

This is a cool music video for Johnny Massacre.

Get Outta Your Mind
This is the latest parody from Iman Crosson.

Twin Peaks
I expect a terrible final episode from "Lost" today. It will probably leave dozens of unanswered questions. So I thought this song from MC Chris about a past show that left some unanswered questions was appropriate.

Evolution Of PC Audio
As told by a classic videogame series.

Bubble Wrap
EVERYONE loves to play with bubble wrap, but can you make entertaining music from it?

Zarni Lip Sync
Mike Lombardo....if this girl is going to be playing shows with you on tour I'll never forgive you for not coming to Cincinnati. For those of you interested, her talents go beyond lip syncing & being hot. --> PROOF <--

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Spintown News:
You probably figured out that yesterday was Pac-Man's 30th b-day. So after you watch the videos below, lets revisit a classic...."I Will Beat Pac-Man".

This is an AWESOME Weird Al tribute medley....done as a polka.

Eclectic Method goes super nerdy with his new track.

Boxcar Blood
A new music video from Alan Lastufka & Luke Conard.

Mirror Song
Another new music video from Alan Lastufka & Luke Conrad featuring Kristina Horner.

Electronic Wuss
Here's an Owl City parody from Key Of Awesome.

Mike Tyson should put out a rap album.

Second Go
Lights uploaded a pretty cool music video yesterday.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rude Boy's Response

Rude Boy finally gets to respond in this Rihanna parody.

That Girl
David Choi's new music video made in conjunction with Wong Fu Productions.

Chicken Monkey Duck
Music videos don't need to be overly complex to amuse me.

Running With Chicken
Garfunkel & Oates....funny, nerdy & hot.

Maria Mercedes
The kings of lip sync (Moymoy Palaboy) perfoming to a Thalia song.

A Whiff Of Kansas
Tim Hawkins pays tribute to the greatness of "Dust In The Wind" by Kansas.

I Can't Be Tamed
Alexander King & Nadine Sykora made a Miley Cyrus parody.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

He-Man Karaoke

Like we didn't already know he was a queen.

I'm reminded of Jonathan Coulton's "I Feel Fantastic" with this music video from The Lonely Island.

Crazy Train (Smooth Jazz Version)
Andy Rehfeldt makes listening to Ozzy Osbourne enjoyable.

30 Word Rap
DeStorm Does a good job, but 20+ Song Fuers had to use only 10 words back in Masters Of Song Fu #3 Round 2. My favorites were Hank Green & Edric Haleen that round.

The Time Of Your Life
Alex Day's new music video is kind of funny.

Forever Young / Empire State Parody
I love songs about my favorite website....err I mean 2nd favorite website. Behind this site of course. :p

A Mother's Day Song
I missed this Mother's Day song when I made my Mother's Day blog post. Oops.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Street Fighemon

Now I can fall asleep listening to sounds of my youth.

MysteryGuitarMan & Pomplamoose Tribute
This YouTuber was inspired by 2 of my favorite channels to make this video.

We Are LeBron
I sure hope he stays in Cleveland...

Love & Theft
Don't do drugs while watching this video.

YouTuber Tiffany Alvord will have some of her music featured in an upcoming movie. Enjoy her new music video.

Don't Get Caught In A Bad Hotel
Picket lines are so 1990...

Most Beautiful Song Of All Time
Don't trust this title...but it is awesome in it's own badness.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Troubadour, Wenches

I bet you didn't know the history of rap went this far back.

Whatcha Say
Iman Crosson makes some of the best parodies on YouTube.

Randy Reiman gets Gary Brolsma to collab in this music video.

Mystery Guitar Man attempts to make music with the most annoying sound ever.

The Alright Song
Matt Rach uploaded a new music video yesterday.

We Built Sioux City
People in Sioux City won't be able to take their heads out of the sand for months thanks to this video.

I Want To Be Healthy With Life...Supplemented
I really liked this Jonathan Mann "Song A Day" video.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Total Recall: The Musical

Arnold Schwarzenegger performs "The Mountains Of Mars" from "Total Recall: The Musical".

Sing Talk
A very funny "Tik Tok" parody from College Humor.

You Can't Trust A Killer Whale
The Station made a Taylor Swift Parody of "Today Was A Fairy Tale".

Fagottron made a video for his mom on Mother's Day.

Girl Punches Rapper
She wears the bling, now feel her sting.

Hot Lip sync
Lip sync videos are better when they involve girls in sexy outfits.

Adorable Kittens
Greg Benson made a music video featuring one of his newer characters, Yeshmin Blechin.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


The Computer Nerd does a parody of a Justin Bieber song.

Wait For Me
This Moby music video is pretty cool.

Your Love Is My Drug
iJustine does a Ke$ha spoof.

Big Booty Bitches
This is a video remix of the new internet classic.

Lactose Intolerance
Without A Face tackles issues most song writers avoid.

Fear The Deer
I don't like many mascots, but Bango is pretty cool.

We Are ND
I keep supporting the Fighting Irish, and they keep on losing...

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Secret Behind Gaga's Telephone

I hate Gaga...but this was funny.

Class Of 2010 Graduation Rap
Someone tell Josh Shipp that I want a rap for 1998 now.

GNR vs Blur vs Kanye vs Cypress Hill
The latest Eclectic Method mashup.

Tik Tok
Here's the Simpsons opening that the net has been going nuts over.

Konami Code
The Black Nerd made a Paper Planes parody.

It's been awhile since I featured a Peter Coffin video.

Tell Me
Meghan Tonjes just released her 2nd music video.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mario Circuit

I like bands that cover videogame music, but I LOVE them when they cover Mario Kart songs. The OneUps are awesome, buy their Mario Kart album HERE.

My Robot Friend is making a habit of making great music videos. (The Cut, Robot High School & Remixed)

Eenie Meenie Bikini
The Station made a Justin Bieber parody.

The Distance
This little girl does a respectable job with this song.

House Party
The Midnight Beast are getting political.

Type 40
I enjoyed this music video for this Chameleon Circuit song.

Sugar Sweet
Get to know Grandpa Elliott a little better...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Earth Day Remix

YouTubers team up with Biz Markie to celebrate Earth Day. I know I'm late with this one.

I Need A Dollar (Remix)
Big Gigantic remixed this Aloe Blaac song, and the animation was done by David Bywater.

Space Monkey
The song in this video is "Song For The Divine Mother Of The Universe" by Ben Lee.

Keep Movin On
Mars uploaded another new music video yesterday.

Crowd Surfing Fail
This is a WIN in my book.

U2 Karaoke Love Letter
Don't listen to all your were born to rock kid.

Lone Warrior
Reh Dogg uploaded a new music video onto his channel.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Never Gonna Give You Up

Kelly Rose makes getting Rick Rolled a pleasant experience.

Mousetrap Never Works
The Station produced this parody of "This Too Shall Pass" by OK Go.

Different Galaxies
I thought this was a pretty cool animated video.

The Night
Blake McGrath was on the first season of "So You Think You Can Dance", and just released his first music video.

Troops in Afghanistan perform to a Lady Gaga song.

Get Your Game Up
DeStorm taking on his latest fan challenge.

Drunk Drummer
You gotta give this guy an "A" for effort. The guy is at least trying.