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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Come To The USA

Ray Stevens is still alive...and still on the ball.

This is a cool music video for Johnny Massacre.

Get Outta Your Mind
This is the latest parody from Iman Crosson.

Twin Peaks
I expect a terrible final episode from "Lost" today. It will probably leave dozens of unanswered questions. So I thought this song from MC Chris about a past show that left some unanswered questions was appropriate.

Evolution Of PC Audio
As told by a classic videogame series.

Bubble Wrap
EVERYONE loves to play with bubble wrap, but can you make entertaining music from it?

Zarni Lip Sync
Mike Lombardo....if this girl is going to be playing shows with you on tour I'll never forgive you for not coming to Cincinnati. For those of you interested, her talents go beyond lip syncing & being hot. --> PROOF <--

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