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Monday, May 31, 2010

Tron Legacy LITERAL Trailer

I thought this was awesome, and you can watch my interview with the man who started the "LITERAL" trend HERE.

Picture Song
Nice Peter is insanely funny.

Doggy Summer
If this doesn't make you smile a're dead on the inside.

Rapping Weatherman
It was bad, but it was still more entertaining then most weathermen.

All I Do Is Lose
Alphacat uploaded a cool Ludacris parody a few days ago.

Apparently Lena is the winner of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. Personally I never follow the contest, but a friend of mine mentioned it yesterday so I figured I'd look to see who won.

Tik Tok
Erin Paula threw this Ke$ha cover/video together real quick a few days back. Is it just me, or does anyone else want to vomit every time you spell "Ke$ha" with a dollar sign? The girl annoys me & I know nothing about her besides the stupid spelling of her name. :p

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