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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Star Trek: Tik Tok

My friend Jules showed me this a couple days ago.

Back To The Future: Tik Tok
I like this better than the "Star Trek" one.

YouTube Symphony
This is a pretty cool mashup of 20 different YouTubers.

Bars & Tones
I found this neat video while looking for a couple samples.

Old Spice Remix
Nobody markets better online than Old Spice these days. This was made by Mike Relm.

Classical Typewriter Symphony
Someone buy this man a laptop.

Shine On
"The Bus (John Lennon Bus) rolled up to the Stax Music Academy in Memphis, TN to meet up with a group of students who all but blew the doors off with their track "Shine On." Shot all over the Memphis area, these cats not only captured the awesome Cityscape of downtown but delivered the kind of heart and soul their predecessors would have admired." - YouTube video description

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