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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fairytale (ASL Cover)

Stephen Torrence takes on an Alexander Rybak song.

Strata Red
This ACIDIC music video was co-directed by Sasha Young & Mac Fisken. You can watch my interview with Sasha HERE.

ASL At Bumbershoot 2009
I wonder if it's possible to slur in ASL?

Booty Call
Here's the latest from The Midnight Beast.

ASL While Driving
Singing in your car seems a lot more dangerous this way.

That's Just The Woz
Jonathan Mann made a tribute to one of the greatest geeks of all time.

This last video is a long one from Lasse Gjertsen. It's an old video that he was just recently allowed to upload with YouTubes new 15 minute rule.

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