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Monday, August 23, 2010

YouTube Exposed

I agree with a lot of this a bonus Jennifer Love Hewitt is in it. :D

Hotel Song
Michelle Vargas is one of the most underappreciated YouTubers I know of. She can sing, she's funny & she can edit. Watch this Regina Spektor cover/music video and go subscribe.

The Rock-a-Fire Explosion take on a John Gold song. Aaron Fechter made this video, and you can watch him dance in one of my old videos. He's one of the people who sent me a clip for "Internet Dance 2".

Better Of The Two
I've never heard of I Am Nation, but I thought this was pretty good for what looks to be a bunch of kids.

Wake Up
Some of the performers from Kollaboration Acoustic 4 covered this Arcade Fire's song.

New York City Rocks
thecomputernerd01 made a California Gurls parody.

Mahal Kita Kasi
One of the best lip syncers around teams up with Farah Lopez.

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