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Monday, September 27, 2010

Big Boobs And Cats

Well that title should get me a few extra page views...

Han Solo
MC Chris wrote a Han Solo theme song.

My Fanny Pack
I have some cool fanny pack stories...but they can't be told here because it involved some not so legal activity from my youth. #Truth

Symphonic Legend Of Zelda
Some of the greatest music of all time has come from videogames.

Life On Line
I really enjoy Parody Pukes.

Average Homeboy Autotuned
I thought this was neat. Denny took his old video, autotuned it, and mixed in some recent clips along with some of the original. If you're not familiar with the's one of the first videos to go viral & gave Denny a bit of web celeb.

Who's Ready To Party?
Fred...oh how I hate you...

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