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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mega Man 3 "Game Over" WITH LYRICS

I felt like I could do anything this I don't think I could brush my teeth without failing...

Internet Courage
Honestly though, I think the internet would be a little less fun without the haters.

Stop Looking At My Mom
Don't worry kid, I'll have her raise your allowance if I get lucky.

Stayin' Alive In The Wall
A Pink Floyd & Bee Gees mashup...

5 Song Pile Up
A Beatles, Joan Jett, Cypress Hill, House Of Pain & Rage Against The Machine mashup.

Shira Lazar Interviews Sky Soleil
This is the guy who made the "Homeless Man Under Pressure" video that recently went viral.

Mayonnaise And Ketchup
This song & video from MC Sex actually made me I figured if I had to should as well. #VeryNSFW

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