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Monday, November 15, 2010

I Love YouTube!

Congrats, you've just written the 1,000th song about YouTube!

Columbia: (Apollo 11)
This song was entered into the 3rd round of my songwritng contest (SpinTunes). Here's the description right off the YouTube page:
Michael Collins was the Command Module pilot for Apollo 11 when man first stepped on the moon. The newspapers of the day were full of Armstrong and Aldrin, but few mentioned Collins. I have always thought his position to be both enviable and sorrowful, after all, the man has been in space twice, but he did not receive the 'glory' of his colleagues.

I checked with many people before writing this song if they could name the three men who first went to the moon in Apollo11, ALL gave me Armstrong and Aldrin's names.. Only Denise, my partner in Duality, gave me Collins' name.

Collins has always said that he had no regrets regarding his position in this flight, and I would love to think that any of us could be so pragmatic about it... But I doubt we could...

This, then. in honour of the men of Apollo 11 - All of them.

Work In Progress
I enjoyed this Billy Reid video.

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