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Friday, December 24, 2010

Klick! Meme Lip Dub

When I first posted this video, I included a long list of memes that I spotted. I was hoping I could help someone win, but the contest is now over, and it doesn't look like the winner used the old blog post. I removed the old list I posted, and updated it with 2 others. 1. All the memes I got right. 2. All the memes I missed. I also had a couple complaints about the contest...all that stuff is listed below the video.

Spintown Got Right:
1. "A Christmas Story" leg lamb (0:12)
2. Ceiling Cat (0:14)
3. Office (Funny Chair Rowing) (0:16)
4. Bill Lumbergh from "Office Space" (0:19)
5. Where The Hell Is Matt? (0:22)
6. Crazy Frog (0:29)
7. Ask A Ninja (0:32)
8. Will It Blend? (0:35)
9. 3 Wolf Shirt (0:44)
10. Old Spice Guy (0:50)
11. I Like Turtles (0:58)
12. Evolution Of Dance (1:07)
13. Aussie Party Kid (1:16)
14. Spaghetti Cat (1:24)
15. Average Homeboy (1:30)
16. I Can Has Cheezburger? (1:40)
17. Keanu Reeves Is Bored (1:40)
18. Maze Scare (1:40) (The Game)
19. The Great Office War (NERF) (1:57)
20. Numa Numa (2:11)
21. Leave Britney Alone (2:18)
22. Chocolate Rain (2:28)
23. Diet Coke And Mentos (2:38)
24. Trapped In An Elevator For 41 Hours (2:50)
25. Office Space Copier Smash (3:04)
26. Boom Goes The Dynamite (3:24)
27. All Your Base Are Belong To Us (3:27)
28. POP Moonwalk's Walmart (Shopping Cart) (3:28)
29. Rick Roll'd (3:30)
30. Tron Guy (3:32)
31. Terry Tate Office Linebacker (3:35)
32. Afro Ninja (3:37)
33. Techno Viking (3:41)
34. Tiger Woods Photobomb (3:46)
35. JK Wedding Entrance Dance (3:49)
36. Paparazzi: Lady Gaga Covered By 11-Year Old Boy (3:57)
37. John West Salmon "Bear Fight" (4:02)
38. Free Hugs Campaign (4:05)
39. It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time (4:07)
40. Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator (4:10)
41. Double Rainbow (4:18)
42. Strong Bad (4:24)
43. Miss South Carolina (4:50)
44. Grape Lady Falls (4:59)
45. Chuck Norris Facts (5:06)
46. George Bush Shoe Attack (5:14)
47. Dramatic Look O RLY Style (5:16)
48. Dick In A Box (5:28)
49. Star Wars Kid (5:36) (Edited)

There were 63 memes in this video according to Klick, and originally I posted 60 in my list. I didn't think I would get them all, and from the list above it's obvious I didn't. Below is a list of the ones I didn't get, for various reasons. I'm also including some notes for why I missed certain ones.

Spintown Got Wrong:
1. Season 7 Premiere of The Office (0:04)
I want to quote something that was in the YouTube video description for this video:
"For the 2010 holidays, Klick created a lip dub video with 63 different internet memes. We also gave away a shiny new iPad to the person who could identify the most memes."
Ok, I KNOW that memes often come from other forms of media. There are a few items on this list I would argue aren't internet memes though. There are a couple things that just seem to be pop culture references, and that really messed me up with a few items. "The Office" is far from the first time a lip dub like this was done, and the opening of "The Office" isn't even the most popular...not sure how people should have got this right.

2. Ben Mulroney of Canadian Idol (0:10)
I honestly had never heard of this guy, and don't think I've ever seen a "Canadian Idol" clip...nor do I want to. I was curious to see how I had never heard of this "meme" though, so I searched for it. First search was on YouTube, and I didn't find anything that would qualify Ben Mulroney as being in a viral video. Then I searched Know Your Meme, and didn't find him even mentioned on the site. It's very possible he did somehow go viral, and I've just missed it still. However, until someone gives me more info...I call BULLSHIT. Not a meme.

3. Sticky Note Guy from "Office Space" (0:26)
I've seen this film, but it's been a long time. I honestly don't remember that scene in the film, and so I just missed this one. I don't remember if this clip went viral online, but I didn't find evidence of it on YouTube.

4. Lego Movies (1:53)
If they wanted people to think of LEGO movies in general, why the hell you using 1 giant LEGO man? The LEGE movies are made of regular LEGOs used in stop motion fashion. I had no idea what that giant LEGO man was supposed to reference, but I did find a couple videos featuring a giant LEGO man, and used that as my guess. Maybe I just over thought that one, but I subscribe to "forrestfire101" who is the most popular LEGO video creator on YouTube, so it's not like I'm unfamiliar with this meme/trend.

5. Where Is Waldo? (3:55)
This is one I just couldn't figure out. I saw Waldo in the video, and looked all over for a "Where's Waldo?" meme. I couldn't find anything, but apparently they where just referencing the series of books? How is that a meme?

6. A Christmas Vacation - Cousin Eddie (4:14)
I shouldn't have missed this, I own the movie on DVD, and the moose mug should have clicked a switch in my brain...but it didn't. I just don't see how it's an internet meme?

7. One Red Paperclip (4:20)
Well shit...I just missed that one. My bad, but you probably had to really look hard to get this one.

8. One Night In Paris (4:26)
This was a little tough, but I probably should have got it. It was obvious they were referencing something at this point because they used a night cam effect. I've seen the Paris Hilton just didn't click in my brain. I will go watch that meme again...only for educational reasons...

9. Bad Day At The Office - Smash Computer (4:29)
Not sure about this. It's a 4 panel video in the lip dub, but I don't know the original video. I linked to what I think they mean, but it's not a 4 panel video.

10. Why Every Guy Should Buy Their Girlfriend Wii Fit (4:33)
This is just stupid. The video they are referencing the girl is in her panties & has glasses on playing Wii Fit...PRETENDING to hula hoop. The girl they use is over dressed, isn't wearing glasses, and actually HAS a hula hoop. The original certainly went viral though.

11. Crazy Old "DJ" (4:41)
I've seen the original...featured it on the blog...I just forgot about this video.

12. The Story Of Festivus (5:09)
"Seinfeld"...why didn't I get this?

13. "Anchorman" Brawl (5:20)
Didn't see the movie, so yeah...I missed this.

14. Sasquatch Music Festival: Guy Starts A Dance Party (5:47)
Ok...the guy is doing the Matt Harding dance...yet you're expected to assume it's a different meme? Sure the people join in, but this is a pretty typical way to end a montage type video period. It's just not a logical leap for someone to assume they meant the Sasquatch guy. If the guy dressed like the dancer or at least danced the correct moves...maybe.

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